Ignacio llinares


After his training at the School of Hospitality in Seville, he goes through the kitchens of chefs such as Martín Berasategui (Lasarte), Santi Santamaría (San Celoni) and the several times Jordi Butrón National Pastry Award After developing professionally for these and other kitchens, he returns to his homeland and in 2006 he opened, together with his brothers Ricardo and Javier, the restaurant with Fork, developing a gastronomic concept (slow food) little known until then in Seville. During the first 6 years he is in charge of his kitchen and in 2012 he decouples, although not totally, to face new creative processes. In 2017 I return to the kitchen and in 2018 it is linked to the new creative project T.

Eduardo Hernando


Seduced by the kitchen since he was young, he finally decides to change maps by flavors, leaving Geography behind.

His beginnings in Seville are due to Professor Vicente Ballesteros, through a course taught by him. There he learns the basics of cooking, cooking during the week in the lounge-dining room of a bar in the Algaba. It is definitely hooked on the kitchen. He moves from Seville to Cádiz to study at the School of Hospitality of Cádiz.

He combines his studies with jobs in different restaurants, among others, in a classic like the Lighthouse of Cádiz. New change of air when traveling to the Basque Country for the first time, in 2003, you will be amazed by its gastronomy. Internships in Guggenheim Bilbao (now Nerua, 1 Michelin star). Stay for a year at the Aretxondo restaurant, traditional Basque cuisine, a hamlet between oaks and green mountains. Return to the Guggenheim, already as head of meat and fish.

For two years he works in the Bilbao museum. It crosses the Ria to end at Bilbao la Vieja, the once Bohemian botxo area. At the dock, he works for more than four years in the restaurant Mina (1 michelin star). Market cuisine and slow food product present in a single tasting menu.

Always restless in search of new experiences, he arrives in Barakaldo on the left bank. Enol restaurant, and already in the middle of economic crisis, manage to make this restaurant a gastronomic reference for three years.

At the end of 2015 he decided to return to the land that saw him grow, after brief stays in Madrid and Marseille, to get involved in a gastronomic project "Amalgama" based on the search of the historical culinary roots of Andalusia. Research work, interspersed with cooking workshops that take him from Barbate to Isla Cristina. In the fall of 2016, he meets the Rodríguez Llinares brothers of the restaurant with fork on Calle San Luis in Seville. Excited with his philosophy, based on working with small local producers, ecological, and respectful with the environment; and the constant search for new products; Join as a chef.

Year and a half intense and rewarding, immersed in a creative process between stoves, organic gardens, salt flats, artisan markets and open neighborhoods. At the beginning of 2018 he returns to Bilbao. He currently combines his work in the Síkera restaurant and with the new ConTenedor project: dinner, pairing and workshops in the new space of Boteros Street.

There you can get closer, know and enjoy the cuisine of this Chef.

Recipes from the Basque Country cooked in every house, in every family, with thousands of years, made with love, with time and with good knowledge.

Rafael Pedro Ramos


Vocational chef with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and with more than three years in the field of hospitality training. I have worked at all professional levels, from pinché to chef, a position he held today at Restaurante ConTenedor. I am a dynamic, responsible, and communicative person.

José Manuel de Torres Artillo


I am José Manuel de Torres Artillo, Chef with ten years of experience in the industry and university degree of the Basque Culinary Center. I have a great vocation for training and gastronomy.

During my years of experience in the world of hospitality and tourism, I have worked in several countries in different positions and types of establishments, so I can speak three languages fluently. I have always given preference to my continuous learning.

I am currently working as a professor at the Basque Culinary Center, where I am developing content for online courses. My tasks range from the creation of explanatory content, development of recipes and cutting-edge cooking techniques, the coordination of video recordings and photo sessions to the tutoring of the students who have been testing the course.

I consider myself a dynamic person, very enthusiastic and who enjoys his work. I am very sociable and organized, and I adapt without problems to the work teams. I am used to working in stressful situations, with high levels of quality and taking care of the detail.


José Manuel Massé


Owner of Delicious Mundo Gourmet, a company dedicated to the world of wine and gourmet products, is considered an inveterate taster, winelover and foodie.
It develops its activity between the sale of specialized wine and the training and dissemination tastings of the world of wine.
Formed by the WSET, approved by the DO in wines from Jerez, Montilla-Moriles and Andalusian Wines, among others, wine is his great passion.
He is the forerunner and one of the founders of ACVS.
He is also one of the founders of "Viña Sevilla, the wine festival", with 3 editions behind him.

Filippo Ummarino


He has always been attached to the kitchen of his house. He has learned the secrets of the traditional way of doing, thanks to his mother, awakening a concern for the knowledge of the elaborations of both pasta, sauces, desserts, ice cream ... to Italian taste


Kelly.S was born in Benin In 1992 of a restorative mother and a family of greedy, she has soon been submerged in the vast world of cooking. The market, the choice of products, the kitchen, the quantities, also helping with the catering…
«At home, where modesty is rigorous, cooking is above all a personal expression. It is a way of communicating our love and our energy. Whatever the difficulties (financial, emotional & #8230;) a dish, even with very few ingredients, if made and especially if shared with love is one of the best gifts in the world for me. »


We talk about African cuisine?

Originate Voodoo A special name for a project that wants to promote a culture of Benin and Africa in its food. Break with stereotypes and share all the love and heritage that has been transmitted to me by my family, my country but also thanks to my travels, encounters and discoveries, to explore in another way what he called original gastronomy.