Here we leave some of the questions that we usually do. However feel free to ask what you want


Here we leave some of the questions that we usually do. However feel free to ask what you want

What is T?

T is a unique place to enjoy gastronomy. A round table that ends in kitchen where you can enjoy different dining experiences we offer. T a chef propose us a tasting or lead us into a workshop and kitchen culinario.Sala coexist and give both menu, around a single table. ⠀ Each proposal is different. dare yourself

Chair, mesa, workshop ... you can explain it to me?

Chair: For a dining experience as part of our table surrounded by other 15 diners. The menu is 5 dishes, with a price of 55 € (beverage not included).

Mesa: Oriented groups of 6 Y 16 diners. The Group may choose between two types of menus tasting: Short. Compound 7 dishes (75 € / person). Long. Compound 10 dishes (95€ / person). * none of them drinks are included in the price.
Experience can be completed by adding pairing: For the short menu: 25€ / person. For the long menu: 40€ / person.
To make reservations must be requested using the contact form on the web.

Taller: The workshops we conducted in T are published on the web and can be reserved from booking engine. It has a limited number of places, so the admission will be subject to places available and booking implies the full payment thereof. Both price, as the number of students and hours of embodiment may vary according to the characteristics and will be specifically noted in the description of the course / workshop. If not covered the minimum number of places required for carrying, the organization may communicate via mail your cancellation and refund.
The organization will provide the necessary equipment for conducting the course / workshop.

Can I book a table any day? I find the booking engine, only form.

MESA concept is open to the availability of day requested. It is best to do the request by the contact form paragraph table and we will contact you to specify all aspects of the reserve.

How I have to book?

Each of the 3 experiences (chair, table and workshop) They have a page with your booking engine, only in the case of table will be through contact form. If you want to know how much can cost a reservation you can fill out the form and you will get the price

Every Friday and Saturday night dinner held (Chair) to 21:30 h. Other ways of booking are:

  • From 20:30 hours, in situ, moment when the doors open.
  • Over the phone: +34 954 319 351

If there is a date on the calendar published you can book?

Only in the case of reserve full table. Experiences chair and workshop are subject to daily published on the website and the booking is made through the booking engine on the web. If what you want is to book the entire table, You can use the form MESA page

Can I cancel my reservation if I change my mind?

Cancellation policies are as follows:

Cancellation of Silla: the full amount will be refunded if cancellation is made up 24 hours prior to the contracted event. The 50 % the amount to 12 hours before the start of the contracted event. It will not return anything if the cancellation is made within the 12 hours prior to the start of the contracted event.

Canceling Workshop: If a person who had confirmed their attendance in a course / workshop canceled within pre embodiment thereof 72h the organization reserves the refund, in that case may issue a "voucher" for the realization of the same course in new call or the like. After this period no refund will be made.

Cancellation table: the full amount of the reservation will be refunded if cancellation is made up 7 days before the contracted service. It will not return anything if the cancellation is made in 7 days prior to the contracted service.

Is it possible that an event or workshop chair is canceled by the organization?

it's possible. Because of the uniqueness of the concept production costs require a minimum of prior contracts to guarantee us the viability.

Cancellation policies chair and Workshop on our part are as follows:

Canceling chair by the organization: This event is conditioned to a minimum capacity of 10 people. Within the organization up 24 hours before the event, It reserves the right to cancel and will irrefutably via e-mail or phone number provided on the reservation. Giving back, in this case, the full amount of reserves already confirmed.

Workshops cancellation by the organization: The celebration of the course / workshop will be determined by the minimum capacity of the same. Failure to cover this capacity 24h before the completion of the course / workshop organization may cancel the event itself, returning in such case the full amount of people already confirmed or, where appropriate, offering students the opportunity to attend new call.

If I book a chair, I can choose my menu in a letter?

No. Each event chair is done by a different chef who makes a personal proposal. We asked about food intolerances to take them into account, but every menu offers a gastronomic journey that reports directly to the chef

If we are a group, How do I know what we eat?

I can choose, change or suggest dishes?

Who is behind this project?

Ricardo and Javier Llinares. Restaurant owners container Sevilla.