Groups & Events

T is also available for groups and private events.


Enjoy a signature cuisine full of creativity and the best proximity product. An unrepeatable dinner exclusive dining for you.

Here diners not only enjoy food but also get to interact with the chef, hosts and dinner partners, becoming part of a culinary experience that boosts a friendly and laid back atmosphere.

Dinners or lunches for groups of friends, travelers or coworkers.

Designed for groups with a minimum 12 persons. (* For other types of groups please contact: t.reservas@restaurantecontenedor.com)

The group can choose between 3 proposals:

  1. land : Five course tasting menu. € 50 per person (vegetarian).
  2. T: Five course tasting menu. € 55 per person.
  3. art: 7 course tasting menu. € 95 per person.

*drink not included In the price, options:

Possibility of pairing: € 18 per person (Land and T) or € 28 per person (arT)

If you wish you can decide the pairing service or wine a la carte the same day of the event.


Estimated Reserve Amount (30%):

  • Date and Time: Groups can choose the day and time but cannot match other events programmed in the space previously. 
  • Capacity: The groups must be made up of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 people. For other types of requests request information.
  • Formalization of the reservation: 30% of the final budget will be paid to activate the reservation and the rest, the day of the event will be charged.
  • Start time: The lunch / dinner will begin promptly at the time agreed upon in the reservation. Arrival is recommended between 15/30 minutes before of the beginning of the event.
  • Use of space: The reservation by a group does not mean free
    space layout The reservation is limited to a gastronomic experience directed and coordinated by the organization, and guests cannot make
    use of space at your free will.
  • Cancellation / modification reservation: The full amount of the reservation will be refunded if the cancellation is made up to 7 days before it. The number
    diners may be modified up to 3 days before the event, no
    It may be lower than the minimum indicated above.
  • Minors: No type of children's menu will be made.
  • Animals: Only the access of guide dogs for the blind will be allowed.
  • Maximum duration of the event: 4h
  • Closing: The place will close its doors at 01: 00h. A.M
  • VAT All prices include 10% VAT
For more information you can contact us directly by phone
0034 954 319 351


The main purpose of any culinary event is to innovate and surprise our guests.

You can create all sorts of events in Espacio T, both for the public and for companies and individuals.

Our projects are exclusive, different and differentiating. Come if you like to focus on experimenting, on people or design. 

An exclusive space with kitchen infrastructure in the historic center of Seville.

You can rent Espacio T (with or without kitchen service, chef, host and room assistant) to organize your professional activities, gastronomic workshops, themed dinners, product presentations or special events.



Seated: maximum 20 people.                

Standing (raised table): 30 people.


Kitchen: 4-burner stove and gas oven (butane).

Sink on countertop (cold/ hot water).

Extraction and renewal of air.

Cold storage: 3 doors

Office: sink and industrial dishwasher.

Fridge/ freezer.

Bar/ reception desk with sink (cold / hot) and refrigerator bottle rack. Wine cellar with capacity for 54bot.

Sound equipment Sonos.

Air conditioner (cold/ hot).

Lighting with intensity regulator manometer.

Unisex bathroom.

Landscaped courtyard.

Entrance hall, with wardrobe.